About Us

At N&P Flooring LTD, we are good at what we do….. Very Good! The reason we are so good is because we have worked hard to deliver excellent customer service and provide the highest quality products.

Over the years we have established a strong, trusting customer base who are loyal to our company and we ensure that our staff treat all our customers, both existing and new, with the upmost care so that they experience our service to its fullest, ensuring they will be advised and supported throughout the process of their home makeover.

At N&P Flooring LTD we realise that we must begin with our staff. We have done our best to select the most appropriate, experienced, customer focused staff, who, we have taken time to invest in and we will continue to do so through continuous training and development.

At N&P Flooring LTD we see ourselves as innovative and dynamic, we notice that the economic conditions are increasingly aggressive within the market and we have done our best to embrace this and endeavour to revolutionise every aspect of our business. We assess at every stage the impact this may have on our customers and we realise their wants and needs come first. We will always make sure our values and principles underpin our business.

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